It is not just about giving their loved ones a better lifestyle. These HDB owners have discovered some of the risks and downsides of holding onto a HDB for the long term.

Your fully-paid HDB may be a liability in the future...many homeowners don't realize that the CPF used to pay for the house still generates accrued interest.

And this results in your cash proceeds slowly depleting as your accrued interest steadily increases! 

If that's the case, what happens when you want to cash out next time?...

Let’s look at an example faced by Straits Times reader Madam Liu. This was in 2015.

Basically, Mdm Liu said that the accumulated CPF Accrued Interest and high resale levy made it challenging for her husband and herself to downgrade to a BTO flat when they wanted to cash out and retire.


According to Mdm Liu, they had bought their first HDB – a four room flat and moved to a five-room flat to accommodate her growing family in 1997.


She later learnt the total resale levy payable amounted to S$193,000! This comprised S$91,350 (22.5% of the resale price of her first flat sale in December 1997) and accrued interest (5%).


She is not alone. There are many who are in their retirement and are facing this situation of being stuck with exorbitant CPF refund payments and resale levy. And are unable to effectively cash out to enjoy their golden years. 

Do you want to avoid being stuck in this situation?

How can you turn your HDB into a better asset?

What you do today, will impact your life and the lives of your loved ones in the future.

Learn how we've helped our clients to upgrade to a better asset with a 5 -10 year Exit Strategy.

And even helped some fortunate few to own multiple properties, allowing them to enjoy a better lifestyle and generate passive rental income for retirement. And leave a legacy for their loved ones!

Let us look at some examples

Mr and Mrs Ong, both 35 years old, and earning incomes of $7K , were owners of a 4-room HDB flat. They first approached us to help them sell their HDB and buy a resale Executive Maisonette.



After thoroughly assessing their financial health and market conditions, we helped them discover a solution to grow their wealth through our Asset Progression Strategies.


Now they are proud owners of a 3-room Condominium without having to touch any of their savings, and even have a CASH excess of $120,000

Because of our Clear Strategic Plan for them
,Mr and Mrs Ong are now thinking to purchase their second property for investment!

When our clients, Mr and Mrs Lay first met us, they never imagined they could own a Private Condominium in their life. They had the mindset to stay in their HDB for the rest of their lives. 


After our sharing, they understood the risk of only holding a HDB for the long term. And the importance of Asset Progression towards growing their wealth. And with thorough financial calculations and market analysis, they were confident of our safe, prudent and systematic strategies. 


Today, they own a 3-BR Condo, a 1-BR Investment Condo and still have $70K Excess Cash for emergencies.


We have empowered them to enjoy a better quality of life and earn passive income through rental. Mr and Mrs Lay can now work towards growing their first Pot of Gold, and planning for a comfortable retirement. 

The truth is, a lot of homeowners are afraid due to their lack of expertise and knowledge, and poorly aligned goals. But after meeting up for a short discussion, Many homeowners have benefited from our insightful sharing. 


Get ready to explore a whole new dimension of Asset Progression, with our professional advice to grow your wealth, and maximize your resources. With us, you will be equipped with all the latest market information, exclusive news, and techniques.


Arrange for a Free Consultation with us today! And learn how to achieve Financial Freedom with our Prudent and Systematic strategies.

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What will happen to the value of your HDB flat?

Have you ever wondered what will happen to as your HDB flat gets older?

The graph on the left shows a steady depreciation of value as HDB flats get older.


For a 55 year old HDB, the value goes down gradually by $200 psf for the first 20 years before a sharp drop $500 psf in the next 15 years.


What does this mean? It means your HDB will continue to depreciate and lose value the longer you hold onto it! Your hard-earned money put into the house is bleeding out the longer you stay.

Some HDB owners have told me that they will wait for the Selective Enbloc redevelopment Scheme ( SERS ). In response to this unrealistic mindset, our minister Lawrence Wong gave a lengthy reply.

“Do not assume that all old HDB flats will be automatically eligible for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, or SERS. SERS, as the name implies, is on a selective basis.”

- MND Lawrence Wong


In fact, since 1995, only 4% of HDBs in Singapore have been selected for SERS. Are you willing to risk the money you have invested into your HDB on a low 4% chance?

Furthermore, HDB prices have been declining for 19 consecutive quarters since 2013. 

Source: HDB/ Singstat

Gone are the days of high capital appreciation from your HDB flats due to Government Intervention and policies, other social factors:

- Property Cooling measures

- MSR & TDSR framework

- Increasing supply of BTO flats

- Various HDB schemes

- Aging population & declining birth rate


All these work in tandem to ensure sustainable price growth to keep pace with inflation. Unlike in the past, where HDB property used to enjoy double-digit growths, the last 4 years the HDB market experienced negative growth as the effects of the cooling measures kicked in 2014.​

The key questions to ask yourself are:  

( 1 ) Is your HDB property still an asset or a liability?

( 2 ) Will your HDB property value continue to grow, or decline?

( 3 ) Is there a better way to grow my assets and wealth?

(4) Should you upgrade now or wait longer?

We have successfully helped our clients to become proud owners of a Private Condo, using little to none of their cash savings! Furthermore, we ensured that they would have a Safety Net to pay for their installments even if they were unemployed for 3-5 years!

Yes, it is possible if you have the Right Progression Strategies! You can also own a Condo if you are equipped with the safe, prudent and systematic strategies we provide.


Arrange for a NON-OBLIGATORY & FREE sharing session TODAY!

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  • ACHIEVE financial freedom for you and your family

  • EXPAND your asset portfolio through wise property investments

  • GENERATE passive income 

  • BUILD a safety net for comfortable retirement 

  • LEAVE a legacy for your loved ones

Peter Teo
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Peter Teo and Ian Teo are a dynamic duo who are 200% committed to adding special value to their clients through their knowledgeable, sincere and honest professional service. Both Teos have a strong passion for real estate, financial market and investments.


They specialize in analyzing both macro and micro economic; to identify opportunities for enhancing the assets and wealth of their clients.  Because of their utmost professionalism, passion, and focus when serving their clients, Peter and Ian have received numerous commendations and testimonials from clients.

Ian Teo
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What clients say about us

"Peter does not apply any high pressure selling. He is friendly and cares for his clients. He goes the extra mile to ensure we are fully satisfied with our investment. What a refreshing experience to have guidance from someone who truly understands the market and provides impeccable service."
Mr & Mrs Tan, Proud Owners of a Condo 

"Ian assisted us on the purchase of our investment property. It is a pleasure working with Ian - he is prompt in his responses, takes initiative and is unfailingly polite and a total professional. Beyond that, Ian DELIVERED RESULTS.


He managed to negotiate a better price on the property than we had expected, and within a day. His effectiveness may have well made a significant difference. The very afternoon the Option was issued to us, URA issued its press release concerning its upcoming redevelopment plans for the area. If Ian had not closed the deal for us earlier that day, the seller might not be agreeable to lower her ask price. We will be glad to recommend Ian's services."
Mr and Mrs Lay, HDB upgraders and proud owner of 2 properties.

"We met and listened to many property agents' presentations before we were introduced to Peter. We were truly impressed. We quickly signed exclusively with Peter as we were absolutely convinced that Peter is the right agent to help us achieve our long-term financial goals.

Indeed Peter did not disappoint
us. He sold our HDB flat within 4 days and fetched a price above our target. We are now the proud owners of a private property with good upside potential in mid~long term"
Mr & Mrs Ho, Happy Sellers and Owners of a Private Condo.

Dear HDB homeowners, today you can transform the lives of you and your loved ones. You have little to lose and so much to gain!

and all you have to do is fill up the form below

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