From Big Data to Simple, Winning Decisions

We do the tedious and stressful research, so you can make better, informed decisions

Meet The Team

Peter Teo

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Group Director. Real Estate Consultant. Executive MBA. Investor

Ian Teo

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 Real Estate Consultant. Bachelor's Degree in Business.  Tech Adapter

We understand that every property decision is unique (everyone has their different needs and preferences). Which is why we dedicate ourselves to understanding your objective first before we begin any planning. 


We have helped many of our homeowners and buyers to meticulously calculate, strategically plan, and restructure their portfolios to yield the best results from their assets. 


The reason that we can successfully do this, is because of our depth of knowledge, expertise and acute analytical skills. Most agents can sell, but not many understand the interactions of the economy and the market like us!


We have already done the painstaking research, plotting of charts and gathering of data, and combined all these into a simple Property Investment Strategy. You can now tap into ALL THIS, just a click away.

Strategy = where to play and how to win.  

  • Our proven, simple strategies will help you make achieve your objectives faster and stress-free

  • Everyone needs a map when they're lost. That's why we will provide you with a Property Investment Roadmap

  • We have compiled the research and data, so you can make smarter, clearer and informed property decisions

  • Traditional and common methods of marketing a property are too passive. 

    85% of our listings are sold in 3 months using creative marketing - You can join that track record too! 

Join our list of success stories today! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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