The 3 BIGGEST Painful Pitfalls Most Home-owners and Home-buyers Unknowingly Make When Purchasing Properties... And End Up Regreting 3-5 Years Later When It's TOO LATE!


Hi, we are TeoDuoProperty, and we have successfully helped many homeowners and homebuyers to overcome challenges and make better decisions with our

Home Ownership Strategies

You might be the few savvy ones that are ahead of others and thought of buying another property, to start building your retirement nest or grow your wealth.

Property is one of the best ways in Singapore to:
1) Hedge your money against Inflation

2) Grow your Wealth exponentially

3) Build a Passive Income system


You may even have property agents, family members and friends, tell you how good investing in property is!


.... But they did NOT tell you how others have lost their hard-earned money through bad investments as well....


The reality is this, most Singaporeans commonly make mistakes before and after their property purchases and end up regretting 3 to 5 years down the road. They end up draining their financial resources and losing faith in property ownership.



Actually, all this can be avoided if they simply realised these 3 BIGGEST PIT FALLS:

Let's start with the Most Common Pitfall homeowners and homebuyers make.

1. No proper Entry and Exit Strategy 


Most of the time, Singaporeans who buy property only look at the location convenience and amenities nearby. Smarter ones might consider the entry price, but ALL of them failed to have a proper Entry and Exit Strategy.

When purchasing properties, we have a systematic checklist based on data we have collected and analysed:
- Entry Price

- Rentability

- Government transformation plans
- Exit Strategy

You need to plan your Entry into the market, and you need to plan ahead for an Exit Strategy. Once you have owned a property, you need to occasionally reassess your exit strategy as well.  

Why? Because the global and local economy and markets are constantly changing....overtime your property might be under-performing and costing you hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned money.

That is why savvy investors constantly reassess their portfolios, making sure each property is performing. And for those that are not, they have a planned exit strategy to minimize wasting unnecessary cash!

With our systematic approach, we will help you to Plan your Entry and Exit Strategy, and also have Solutions for possible obstacles.




2. "Wait and Hold" Mindset

This is another common mistake made by many Singaporeans. Even when their property is under-performing, they still want to sit and wait.

"I will wait till my property price increases before I sell"

DO NOT make this mistake! Did you know people who bought lousy properties during 1997, only broke-even after 14 years? Can you imagine seeing your precious cash bleeding out your house for 14 years?

14 years is a very long time! You would've missed many opportunities grow your wealth. And worst still, because you're older, the loan you can take is also LESSER! 

With our expertise and knowledge, you can easily avoid this pitfall by using our strategies and make informed decisions for you and your family. Save yourself from potentially 14 years of regret. 

3. Emotional Attachment

Even seasoned investors fall trap into this. I can understand when we start to fall in love with our homes, especially if it is the first matrimonial house.

BUT when you get emotionally attached to our properties, you ignore the facts and become irrational

You might refuse to let go of your property even if you may be potentially losing $300,000 or more of your hard-earned cash.

Which is more painful?
Letting go of your "favourite house" or Letting go of $300,000 or more cash

Are you ready to make such an irrational and costly decision?

The good news is we can share with you our facts and figures on how you can make rational, informed decisions for you and your loved ones... WITHOUT having to worry about all these pitfalls.


Listen... this is not a time to be "taking one step at a time" or worse... "waiting around and see how it goes". 


Because let's be honest. We're talking about you and your family's financial future and retirement nest. 

Every wrong move you make today could potentially cost you your life savings and delay retirement plans more than ever. 


Today you have a choice you can make:

You can either choose to do nothing and waste this opportunity given. But end up regretting your decisions 3 to 5 years later ... just like the majority of Singaporeans

Or you can choose to learn and discover our systematic strategies and solutions of how you can carefully plan and protect yourself from falling into these painful pitfalls.


You can be as happy as them too

"Peter had a refreshing consultative approach and asked the right questions to understand my investment goals and finances. His knowledge went beyond the property market. Peter had a good grasp of global macroeconomic issues and was able to succinctly explain its potential impact on Singapore's property market. 

Peter is the best real estate professional that I have had the opportunity to work with. I am confident we will continue to achieve success in our partnership."

Mr. And Mrs Chan, Owner and Seller of Multiple Properties in Singapore.

"Ian assisted us on the purchase of our investment property... Ian DELIVERED RESULTS. He managed to negotiate a better price on the property than we had expected, and within a day. His effectiveness may have well made a significant difference. We will be glad to recommend Ian's services."

Mr and Mrs Lay, HDB upgraders and proud owners of multiple properties.

Simply arrange for a strategy session and we will share our step-by-step strategies to avoid these common pitfalls. Knowledge is power - Empower yourself to make informed decisions for your loved ones.

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